Welcome to the website of Dutch into English, specialising in written business translations from the Dutch language into English. 

The goal is always the same, not only to provide accuracy, but to provide it in a manner which reflects your language style and is the most appropriate for your target audience.
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About Dutch into English

Dutch into English is the business name used for the professional translation and editing services which D.E. Burgess (Diane) has been providing since 1990. 

Diane is an English national currently living and working in the Netherlands, but has also spent time living and working in the United States of America and England.  Educated at university level in England and also attaining the Dutch as a Second Language level 2 certification in the Netherlands, her work began by editing business and conference documents and quickly grew to translating and editing assessment reports, ICT technical documentation, websites, newsletters and magazine articles. 

In recent years her translation work has centred around the IT sector and more specifically on translations suitable for global communication.
She also works in the educational sector, teaching English at secondary school level within the context of bilingual education (VWO tweetalig onderwijs).
About Dutch into English
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