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Dutch into English has experience with the following types of texts and professional areas:

a ICT documentation (functional design, use cases, technical architecture)
a Management Consultancy
a career assessments
a managerial reports
a minutes
a PowerPoint presentations
a brochures and newsletters
a press releases
a market research
a websites
a user guides
a speeches
a C.V.s
a contracts

Translation is from the Dutch language into English and edited, as per your instructions, taking the following points into consideration:

Company house style / in-house vocabulary
  Neutral / Author's style
  Level of English required (first or second language?)
  Retain complexity
  Simplify content / Easy to understand
  Vocabulary (friendly/serious/relaxed/austere/upbeat/concise)
  Intended for internal use, a partner, external use
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Working Approach
Quick & Straight Forward
In a Hurry & Deadline Dependent
Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright and Confidentiality
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