Working Approach

Accuracy in translation;
     Accuracy in English;
          Accuracy in communication;
               … to be understood the first time, every time.

Each project begins with a quick discussion about your requirements, who your target audience is and the level of English suitable for them.

Should the translation reflect a particular company style with a specific vocabulary or have a new fresh look?  Should it reflect the writing style of the author, or perhaps be specifically neutral in tone?
Is the target audience English speaking nationals, or is English being used for second language communication?  What level of English would they understand immediately and without having to re-read the article?
Is the project difficult to understand and requires simpler clarification?
Is the project intended for a sister office or for outsourcing to a partner?

The translation becomes an English version of the original, is understood in the way that you want and at the same time reflects the way you want to be perceived.

In short:  Quality and confidentiality are assured.
               Deadlines are respected.
               Pricing is competitive and service is guaranteed.
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